Catching the N6701 and N6703 Limousine Buses at Incheon Airport: A Guide for Late Night Arrivals

Welcome to our comprehensive guide, “Catching the N6701 and N6702 Limousine Buses at Incheon Airport: A Guide for Late Night Arrivals”

In this post, we will walk you through the process of navigating Incheon Airport and finding the right transportation, specifically the limousine buses N6701 and N6703, even if you arrive late at night.

We understand that traveling can be exhausting, and arriving in a foreign land late at night can be daunting.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you every step of the way!

Bus Interval :

N6701 and N6703 each bus runs 3 times a day.

As of December. 4, 2023.

Bus Company Name :

Korea Airport Limousine Co,. Ltd

Contact number :

Bus company:+82-2-2667-0386

(09:00~17:00 / Lunch 12:00~13:00 / Offday = Weekend and holiday)

Seoul-bound bus ‘Dasan call center‘: +82-2-120

Bus Routes:

Incheon Airport Terminal2 [인천공항 터미널2] → Incheon Airport Terminal1 [인천공항 터미널1] → Mapo Station (Seoul Garden Hotel) [마포역, 서울가든호텔] → Seoul Station [서울역] → Eul-Ji-ro Entrance Station (Lotte Hotel Seoul) [을지로입구역, 롯데호텔서울] → Dongdaemoon Design Plaza (DDP) [동대문 디자인플라자 (디디피)]

N6701 Incheon Airport Limousine bus Route

Incheon Airport Terminal2 [인천공항 터미널2] → Incheon Airport Terminal1 [인천공항 터미널1] → Banpo Seorae Ma-eul Entrance [반포 서래마을입구] → COEX Samseong Station [코엑스 삼성역] → Jamsil Lotte World [잠실 롯데월드, 롯데타워]

N6703 Incheon Airport Limousine bus Route

If you arrive late at Incheon Airport, it’s a good idea to look up the routes for N6701 and N6703 buses.

You can then see how far these buses get you to your final stop.

Once you get off the bus, think about taking a taxi to your last stop for an easier journey.


Incheon Airport ↔ Gangbuk and Gangnam, Seoul

Adult 18,000 won

Child (=age 6~12) 12,000 won

Time of first and last bus

to Jamsil, Seoul
to Jamsil, Seoul
first bus time05:00(T2) / 05:20(T1)05:10(T2) / 05:30(T1)
last bus time22:55(T2) / 23:15(T1)22:25(T2) / 22:45(T1)

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Seoul bound Incheon Airport Limousine bus N6701 and N6703 Timetable

schedule updated 2023, December 4

Please take note!

The N6701 and N6703 buses are services from Incheon Airport to Seoul, but boarding in Seoul is not possible.

In other words, these buses only allow disembarkation in Seoul and not embarkation.

Please remember this crucial point!

Incheon Airport Terminal Departure time

Incheon Airport T2Incheon Airport T1
BoardingBus Stop No. 3 (Transportation Center, B1) at Terminal 1
Transportation Center No. 18 Bus Stop at Terminal 2
Ticket PurchaseThe ticketing office at the transportation center
Incheon Airport T2Incheon Airport T1
BoardingBus stop No. 3 at Terminal1
Transportation Center No. 19 at Terminal 2
Ticket PurchaseAirport bus ticket office

The timetable may depend on road and weather conditions.

It is recommended to wait at least 10 minutes before the above time.

Incheon Airport Bus Stop

Incheon Airport Terminal  1 :

No. 3 on the 1st floor

Incheon Airport Terminal 2  :

Transportation Center B1, No. 18, 19

6705 bus stop (incheon airport terminal1)
Incheon airport terminal2
*Sources from Incheon Airport website

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We trust that this guide has proven valuable to you.

Bear in mind that, even if your arrival is late at night, there are still transportation alternatives at your disposal.

Wishing you safe travels, and may your journey aboard the N6701 and N6703 limousine buses from Incheon Airport be enjoyable.

Feel free to get in touch should you have any additional questions or concerns.

Bon voyage!