Gimpo Airport Seoul to Busan Flight time and more Information

Gimpo Airport
Busan/Gimhae Airport

This blog post provides comprehensive information about flights from Gimpo Airport to Busan/Gimhae Airport.

It is designed to help passengers plan their journey effectively.

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1h 5m

Average Duration

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Several airlines operate flights between Gimpo and Busan, including Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Air Busan, Jin Air, and T’way Air Co.

For queries or assistance, passengers can contact the airlines at the following numbers:

Airline Contact Number
Korean Air +82 2-2656-2001
Asiana Airlines +82 2-2669-8000
Jeju Air +82 1599-1500
Air Busan +82 1666-3060
Jin Air +82 1600-6200
T’way Air Co. LTD. +82 1688-8686
KAC Service Center +82 1661-2626

The ticket prices vary depending on the airline and the time of booking.

However, the average fare ranges from 40,000 KRW to 95,000 KRW.

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The flight duration from Gimpo Airport to Busan/Gimhae Airport is approximately 65 minutes.

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1h 5m

Average Duration

The first flight from Gimpo Airport to Busan usually departs at around 7:00 AM, while the last flight leaves at around 8:20 PM.

Gimpo Airport is located in the western part of Seoul, while Gimhae Airport is situated in the western part of Busan.

When planning your trip, accurately calculating your flight boarding time is an essential factor.

Knowing how long it takes from check-in to boarding can help you plan your flight time more effectively.

I recommend checking how much time it takes from check-in to boarding the plane.

You can confirm this at the Gimpo Airport’s website.

Click here or below the link directly to the website.

This information will aid you in selecting the flight time that best suits you.

Please note that flight schedules are subject to change.

Passengers are advised to check the airline’s official website or contact their customer service for the most accurate information.

flight time

This guide provides essential information about flights from Gimpo Airport to Busan/Gimhae Airport.

It’s always a good idea to check the latest information before planning your journey.

Safe travels!

  • Yes, airlines offer direct flights on this route.
  • Absolutely! Compare fares from different airlines to find the most cost-effective choice.

  • The average flight time is approximately one hour.
  • Yes, airport shuttles are available for seamless transfers.
  • Not at all. Airport staff and airline personnel are proficient in English to assist you.

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