Incheon Airport to Jeonju Bus Journey

South Korea is a beautiful country with a lot to offer visitors.

One of the best ways to experience all that Korea has to offer is to take a bus ride from Incheon to Jeonju.

This journey is more than just a way to get from one place to another; it’s an opportunity to see some of the most stunning scenery in the country, meet new people, and learn about the local culture.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to plan your bus trip from Incheon to Jeonju, including the bus schedule, prices, and stops along the way.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

How to Get to Jeonju from Incheon There are several convenient ways to travel from Incheon to Jeonju, whether you prefer public transportation or private vehicles.

Here are the main options:

1. Airport Railroad and KTX Train: – Take the Airport Railroad from Incheon International Airport Station to Seoul Station. (The journey from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station by Airport Railroad takes approximately 51 minutes.) – At Seoul Station, transfer to a KTX train bound for Jeonju Station. (The journey from Seoul to Jeonju by KTX takes approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes.)

2. Limousine Bus or Express Bus: – Direct express buses operate from Incheon International Airport to Jeonju Bus Terminal. The trip takes around 4 hours and offers comfortable seating and amenities like Wi-Fi and more. (~30,000 ~33,000 KRW)

3. Driving: – If you prefer a road trip, you can drive from Incheon to Jeonju. The journey takes approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes via the Seohaean Expressway. Car rental services are available at Incheon International Airport.

4. Taxi: – Taxis are also available for hire from Incheon International Airport to Jeonju. This option provides door-to-door service but is generally more expensive compared to public transportation. (about 250,000 KRW with a Toll fee of 20,000 KRW)

When planning your trip, consider factors such as travel time, cost, and convenience to choose the best transportation option that suits your needs and preferences.

The first bus leaves Incheon Airport Terminal 2 at 5:55 am and the last leaves at 10:45 pm.

Buses depart 31 times a day.

The journey takes approximately 4 hours, and tickets can be purchased online or at the bus station.

It is important to note that the bus schedule may vary depending on the day of the week and the season.

During peak travel periods, such as holidays and weekends, it is advisable to book your ticket in advance to avoid disappointment.

In addition to the regular bus services, there are also express buses that operate between Incheon and Jeonju.

When traveling by bus from Incheon to Jeonju, it is important to arrive at the bus station at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

This will give you enough time to purchase your ticket and board the bus.

This section provides information on the bus stops along the Incheon to Jeonju bus route.

The stops include Incheon Airport Terminal 2, Incheon Airport Terminal 1, and Gimpo Airport and Iksan for Jeonju / via Iksan Bus, and the last stop is Jeonju Bus Terminal.

Jeonju Bus and Jeonju / Imsil Bus go directly to Jeonju Bus Terminal.

Jeonju Bus Terminal is the final stop on the route and is located in the city of Jeonju.

It is a modern and spacious bus terminal with a variety of facilities, including restrooms, a convenience store, a coffee shop, and a tourist information center.

Jeonju Bus Terminal serves as a gateway to the city and its many attractions.

The cost of a bus ticket from Incheon to Jeonju varies depending on several factors, including the bus company, the time of day, and the day of the week.

Generally, tickets range from 30,000 to 33,000 KRW

Price (KRW)Jeonju / Imsil BusJeonju Bus and
Jeonju / via Iksan Bus
junior high and
high school students

Incheon Airport to Jeonju travel time

The Incheon Airport to Jeonju bus travel time can vary depending on several factors, including traffic conditions, weather, and the specific bus route taken.

On average, the journey takes approximately 4 hours.

However, during peak travel periods or adverse weather conditions, the travel time may be longer.

One of the key factors that can affect travel time is traffic congestion.

Incheon and Jeonju are both major cities in Korea, and the bus route passes through several urban areas.

During rush hour or holiday periods, traffic congestion can slow down the bus and increase the travel time.

Another factor that can impact the travel time is weather conditions.

Heavy rain, snow, or fog can reduce visibility and make the roads slippery, which can lead to slower travel speeds and increased travel time.

In extreme weather conditions, bus services may even be suspended for safety reasons.

The specific bus route taken can also affect the travel time.

There are multiple bus routes from Incheon to Jeonju, and some routes may be longer or shorter than others.

The route chosen may depend on factors such as the bus company, the time of day, and the availability of direct or connecting buses.

To ensure a smooth and timely journey, it is advisable to plan ahead and allow sufficient travel time.

Passengers should factor in potential delays due to traffic or weather conditions and aim to arrive at the bus terminal well in advance of the scheduled departure time.

Additionally, it is recommended to check the weather forecast and traffic updates before starting the journey.

Where can I find the Jeonju-Incheon Airport limousine bus stop at Incheon Airport and Jeonju, and what are the departure times?

You can find the airport bus at the following locations at Incheon Airport:

where can i find 6007 Yeongdeungpo Yeoido airport bus at incheon airport terminal1
where can i find 6007 Yeongdeungpo Yeoido airport bus at incheon airport terminal2?
  • Terminal 1: Bus stop number 12 on the first floor (arrival level)
  • Terminal 2: Bus stop number 9 on the B1 floor (transportation center)
  • Terminal 1: Bus stop number 13 on the first floor (arrival level)
  • Terminal 2: Bus stop number 9 on the B1 floor (transportation center)

What are some tips and taking the Airport bus?

Here are some tips and tricks for taking the airport bus:

  • Check your terminal number before you go to Incheon Airport or before you leave Incheon Airport. The airport bus departs from different locations depending on your terminal number.
  • Check your destination station before you board the bus.
  • Listen to the announcements on the bus or check the screens for the next stop information. The announcements and the screens are in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. You can also ask the bus driver or other passengers for help if you are not sure.
  • Keep your ticket or your card until you get off the bus. You may need to show it to the bus driver or scan it at the exit door.
  • Enjoy the view from the bus window. You can see along the way and get a glimpse of the local culture and lifestyle.

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