Incheon Airport bus 6600 to Southeast Seoul Geoyeo, Jangji, and Wirye bound

Incheon Airport bus 6600: Navigating the Bustling Urban Landscape

Embarking on a journey through the vibrant streets of Seoul requires a reliable and convenient mode of transportation.

Enter Limousine Bus 6600 – a lifeline for travelers navigating the bustling cityscape.

This dedicated bus service seamlessly connects Incheon Airport to Wirye, Hanam City, traversing key districts such as southern Songpa and Gangnam, Seoul.

As we delve into the heart of this transit experience, let’s uncover the unique features and advantages that make Limousine Bus 6600 the preferred choice for those seeking comfort and efficiency in their travels.

(1) Bus Company

Seoul Airport Limousine

(2) Information Helpline

  • Seoul Airport Limousine +82-2-577-1343~5
  • Seoul-bound bus: Dsasan call center (+82-2-120)
  • Gyeonggi-bound bus: Gyeonggi call center (+82-31-120)
6600 Incheon Airport Limousine bus Route

(3) Incheon Airport bus 6600 Routes

  1. Geoyeo Station (거여역)
  2. Segye-ro Hospital (세계로병원)
  3. Wirye-dong Community Center (위례동주민센터)
  4. Songrae Middle School (송례중학교)
  5. Songpa Dream E-Green Apartments (송파꿈에그린아파트)
  6. Wirye Forest Shine Apartments (위례포레샤인아파트)
  7. Jangji Station (장지역)
  8. Songpa Prugio City Apartments (송파푸르지오시티아파트)
  9. Segok 2 District 3, 4 Complex (세곡2지구3, 4단지)
  10. Eungok Village (은곡마을)
  11. Segok Prugio Apartments (세곡푸르지오아파트)
  12. Angol Village (안골마을)
  13. KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) (코트라)
  14. Incheon Airport 1 Terminal (인천공항1터미널)
  15. Incheon Airport 2 Terminal (인천공항2터미널)

(4) Incheon Airport bus 6600 Fares

At the current date of July 9, 2024, there are no special events related to the fare.

The regular fare is 17,000 won,

and the children’s fare is 11,000 won

(5) Incheon Airport bus 6600 Estimated Time

about 90 min. to INC T1

about 110 min. to INC T2

(6) Time of the first bus and the last bus

Incheon Airport boundWirye bound
first bus4:006:30(T2) / 6:50(T1)
last bus17:1521:00(T2) / 21:20(T1)

(7) Find nearby bus stops and view live bus locations

↓ Conveniently located bus stops and track buses in real-time with the link below.

#6600 bus routes and bus’s real-time location link

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(8) Incheon Airport bus 6600 timetable (Southern Gangnam, Songpa-gu and Wirye, Hanam City)

The last update in 2024 was on July 9th

Bus Stop


Bus Stop


Bus Stop


Bus Stop


Bus Stop


Bus Stop


Bus Stop


Bus Stop


Bus Stop


Bus Stop


Bus Stop


Bus Stop


Bus Stop


Please note that the timetable may vary depending on road conditions, weather, and other unforeseen circumstances.

We recommend arriving at the bus stop 10-15 minutes before the scheduled departure time to ensure you don’t miss your bus.

(9) Incheon Airport Bus stop

No. 4 on the 1st floor

Transportation Center Basement 1, No. 15

In the fast-paced rhythm of Seoul, finding a transport solution that combines comfort and accessibility is a true gem.

Limousine Bus 6600 serves as a bridge between Incheon Airport and Wirye, Hanam City, and offers a glimpse into the diverse neighborhoods of Southern Songpa and Gangnam.

As we bid farewell to this journey, it’s clear that Limousine Bus 6600 is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a portal into the heartbeat of Seoul, ensuring that every traveler arrives not just at their destination, but at the pulse of the city itself.

Whether it’s the seamless connectivity, plush interiors, or the scenic route through iconic districts, Limousine Bus 6600 stands as a testament to the convenience and charm encapsulated in urban travel.

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